Diving the Forgotten Islands – Indonesia

Last year, we went off the beaten path in search of beautiful coral structures. Cruising on the dive liveaboard, Damai I, we ventured along the Forgotten Islands in Indonesia. Shimmering schools of fish pulsated around […]

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South Florida Diving – Seasonal Visitors

This video was made for our August SFUPS contest. We put together clips that represent some of the diversity of dives that can be found seasonally in our area. Hope you enjoy it!  

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Black Water? No … Fireworks!

We haven’t been out Black Water diving for awhile and are missing the visual experience of flashes in the dark. We decided to brave the crowds and traffic for a 4th of July celebration at […]

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Circle B Bar Ranch – Polk County, Florida

As we were traveling through North Florida, we made a stop at Circle B Bar Ranch in the Lakeland, Florida area. Some friends had noted that this was a great birding spot during the winter […]

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Frogfish of Lembeh Strait

Because there were so many interesting critters to image during our trip to Lembeh Strait, I pulled some of the frogfish out for a separate slideshow. Lauren Siba, Dive Center Manager at critters @ Lembeh […]

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Lembeh Resort – September 2016

We had a fantastic time visiting Lembeh Resort and diving with the folks at Critters @ Lembeh. The resort staff were welcoming, gracious, friendly and overall wonderful hosts. They were very helpful in addressing any […]

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