Circle B Bar Ranch – Polk County, Florida

As we were traveling through North Florida, we made a stop at Circle B Bar Ranch in the Lakeland, Florida area. Some friends had noted that this was a great birding spot during the winter […]

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Frogfish of Lembeh Strait

Because there were so many interesting critters to image during our trip to Lembeh Strait, I pulled some of the frogfish out for a separate slideshow. Lauren Siba, Dive Center Manager at critters @ Lembeh […]

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Lembeh Resort – September 2016

We had a fantastic time visiting Lembeh Resort and diving with the folks at Critters @ Lembeh. The resort staff were welcoming, gracious, friendly and overall wonderful hosts. They were very helpful in addressing any […]

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2016 SFUPS Photographer of the Year!

I was honored to receive the 2016 Photographer of the Year Award from the South Florida Underwater Photography Society! Thank you SFUPS members for the recognition!  We have so many talented and creative photographers in […]

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Swamp Walk – Fakahatchee Strand Preserve

It was a beautiful sunny and cool day for our November visit to Fakahatchee Strand Preserve. Friends of the Fakahatchee have wonderful volunteers who support this unique Florida State Park. Three of them were with […]

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Tiger Sharks – Jupiter, Florida

To celebrate the showing of Fight For Survival at the Blue Ocean Film Festival, I am posting some of my Tiger Shark pictures from earlier in the year. (Yes, there is one Hammerhead also …) […]

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